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Our Collaborators

STN South Asia is constantly looking for collaborators with whom we can have a win-win collaboration. 


The STN India - Zoho collaboration is exciting because Zoho One’s integrated and proven suite of applications enables our companies to migrate to cloud-based infrastructure and achieve transformation through digitization of workflows, supply chains, HR processes, Marketing, and Customer Experience.


Moneycontrol is an online platform that provides its users with news and insights on business and start-ups in India. Our partnership with Moneycontrol helps us build the STN South Asia brand through media coverage of key initiatives and showcasing of the incredible work that our STN companies do.


ASCENT is a peer-to-peer learning platform that leverages the “Power of Collectives” and enables entrepreneurs to share experiences and insights with each other. Stanford Seed has been partnering with ASCENT since 2017 and 16 of their members have benefitted from the Stanford Seed Transformation Program.

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